Thanks to the liberation of the internet connection and the evolution of the technology we are able to experience better interactions with digital images, in terms of spherical photography it means that we can visit almost any place in the world right from our computer. The user is able to look around 360º side views and 180º top/bottom views at a high definition quality directly on the screen, very similar to looking around with our own eyes. Double clicking allows to get closer to the view, increasing or decreasing the visual field.
To create this kind of images we need to let the camera rotate using the nodal point of the lens as the axis, it allows us to take equidistant photographs along that axis. This rotation axis must be always below the lens, this is achieved using a tripod and a panoramic head mounted on it. The number of pictures taken may vary depending on the viewing angle of the camera.

Spheric Photographs
Las Lagunetas (Vega de San Mateo)
Barranquillo Andrés (Mogán)
Veneguera (Mogán)
El Carrizal (Tejeda)
La Culata (Tejeda)
El Risco (Agaete)
El Valle (Agaete)
La Cuevita (Artenara)
El Albercón (Artenara)
Tunte (San Bartolomé de Tirajana)
Ayagaures (San Bartolomé de Tirajana)